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Dawn Mescher
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Title: The Cigarette
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Padma Patil, Millicent Bullstrode
Type/Words: Ficlet/820
A/N: Long overdue challenge from sabinelagrande. "Padma Patil and Millicent Bulstrode are in love. Go!"

Padma waited.Collapse )

Title: Nevermind
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters: Hermione, Harry (with a bit of Pettigrew)
A/N: Cut for subtle movie snark.

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Title: So What?
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters: Ron, Harry, Sirius
A/N: Cut for subtle movie snark.

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I got my Chose Your Author Assignment:

Characters/Pairings you want the story to focus in. dawn/spike (romance or straight sex) dawn/angel (romantic), or Spike/Buffy, Angelus/Dru/Spike
Characters/Pairings you want in the story too. whatever

Things you want: if you do the dawn one, dawn must be at least 16, not more than 18

Things you don't want: go wild

Extras: NC-17
Dawn/Spike or Dawn/Angel? Wow.. Sloppy seconds for Dawnie? Heh, no.. Don't think so. I shall be doing Spike/Buffy or Angelus/Dru/Spike.

hp100 sets up challenges every week. I went back and found mine. *snooort*

Warning: This one is Squick-alicious
Wasn't Expecting / Just Like..


Before We All Die


The Eyes of Voldemort


Am not sorry I have spammed you all!

I found a collaboration I used to be a part of. I took each monthly thing and made it into an arched story with whatever the topic turned out to be. There is no fandom. It's in the first person, but it makes sense. I would love feedback on this, as I'm actually kind of proud of this. I'd hate to think no one else liked it. :(

Here they are in order. If you read them out of order, they will not make ANY sense.


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Title: Dimensionality
A/N: The final part of the series.
The Premise: surreal

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Title: Clandestine
A/N: Another Storyteller Collab. Continuation from Phantasm.
The Premise: Write a short story whose beginning sentence is: "The crowd was expertly held in thrall." / And whose ending sentence is: "The only thing left to do was pray that the secret was never discovered."

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Title: Phantasm
A/N: Another Collboration. Continuation from the other two.
Premise: fantasy (simple enough!)

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Title: Compendium
A/N: Another The Storyteller Collab
Premise: Write a story about a book. The book can be about whatever you'd like, and its circumstances can be whatever you'd like (place, time, culture). Tell about the meaning of the book, or who's lives the book has touched, or how the book has changed hands and why, or the story of the author(s) of the book, or any combination of these... basically, what's so special about this book?
The "book" can be any writings (scrolls, manuscripts, whatever), existing in the "real world", or entirely fictional. One that you make up (some "magical tome" that has healing powers) or one that really exists (like a made up story about how the Dead Sea Scrolls ended up in that cave). The book doesn't have to be fiction, just the story you're writing *about* the book.

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Title: Alternate
A/N: This was a The Storyteller Collaboration I wrote several years ago.
The Premise: Write a fictional story in which *you* are the main character. The story may be in any person (first, third...). Write about a life completely different from your "real" life. Take it in any direction you want. To help clarify the topic, some suggestions would be to write about yourself in a different career, or from a different nationality, or even as a different sex. You could have superpowers, or a talent you've always wanted but don't possess. It can be as long or as short as you'd like. Just have fun!

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